The Interpretation of Hockney and Falco

Secret Knowledge - Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters, New and expanded edition, David Hockney, Viking Studio, 2006, ISBN 0-14-200512-6.

One section analyzes paintings (visual evidence); another documents (textual evidence); and another correspondence (with experts). Hockney, an artist, is assisted by David Graves. Charles Falco, an optical physicist, collaborates with Hockney, publishing extensively in the technical scientific literature. See: and his contributions in the Appendix of this web site.

The Contrary Interpretation of Stork, Tyler and Others

David Stork is chief scientist at Ricoh Innovations. His publications are given at:

Christopher Tyler is a neuroscientist at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. See: "Rosetta Stone? Hockney, Falco and the Sources of "Opticality" in Lorenzo Lotto's Husband and Wife," C. Tyler, Leonardo 37, #5, 397-401, 2004. Extensive contributions by Stork and Tyler are given in the Appendix here.

The Camera Obscura

Philip Steadman's definitive analysis of the camera obscura is given in: Vermeer's Camera, Philip Steadman, Oxford University Press, 2001 ISBN 0-19-215967-4.

This Web Site

Hockney's novel thesis burst upon the public in the pages of the New Yorker (January 31, 2000) in an article written by Lawrence Weschler. Two years later, Weschler organized a major conference on the topic at NYU, bringing together artists, scientists, art historians, critics and more.

Michael Douma recorded part of the proceedings which he posted at: This teaching web site is based on that material. We are much indebted to all the contributors who generously made their work available.

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